Tracking on iOS 14.5+

If you are using X for iOS 14.5 and up, X is required to request permission to track data on your device from other companies, like apps you use and websites you visit. 

For each iOS 14.5 and up device that you use X on, you will see a prompt from X providing information about X’s tracking, followed by a tracking prompt from your iOS device for the X app. 

X discloses its tracking for the latest version of X’s iOS app in its App Privacy section on the X product page in the App Store. You can learn more about how X handles your information, including tracking data on your device from other companies, in the X Privacy Policy.

How can I control X’s tracking on my iOS 14.5+ device?

If you allow tracking through the prompting process described above, X will engage in tracking on the device that you granted the permission to track as described in our App Privacy section. If you choose not to allow tracking, X will not engage in tracking on that device. 

These choices only affect how X may or may not track data on the applicable device going forward, after you have responded to X’s iOS 14.5+ tracking prompt. Your choice may not go into effect immediately.

Regardless of whether you allowed or declined X permission to track you through the prompts described above, you can always go to your iOS device settings and select X to adjust whether to allow tracking.

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