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As of June 13, 2024, we're rolling out a new and improved analytics page, which will include audience & content analysis for each of your posts and media. As we continue the work on the new analytics page, please see below how you can view your analytics for broadcasts and media.

Broadcast analytics in Media Studio

  • Please see the analytics sections within Producer.

Video analytics in Media Studio

  • How to view analytics for a particular video
  • FAQs

Video analytics in Media Studio

How to view analytics for a particular video
  1. Click on a video within your Media Studio library.
  2. The metrics Video Views, Completion Rate, and Average Watch Time will be shown in the opened window.
  3. For more advanced analytics, click the More Analytics button.
  4. Select a date range using the filter at the top right (which defaults to a 7 day view).
  5. The window will now show the following metrics:
    • Total Views
    • Organic Views
    • Promoted Views
    • Video Completion Rate
    • Average Watch Time
    • Country of viewership
    • Platform of viewership (iOS, Android, Web, etc.)

Tip: Metrics are aggregated by video, not by post. If you have posted the same video multiple times, we add up all metrics across those posts within this view).

Video analytics in Media Studio - FAQs

What metric is used for the View count?

The main X Media Studio video view metric is triggered when a user watches a video for at least 2 seconds and sees at least 50% of the video player in-view. This applies to View metrics for both uploaded videos and live broadcasts. Media Studio metrics are inclusive of logged-in views only and do not include logged out and X web embeds data. 

I am seeing promoted views on my video. Where are they coming from?

Promoted views can come from one of two places: 

  1.  the account is part of the Amplify Pre-roll program and is getting promoted views after setting video(s) to ‘monetize’

  2. the account’s posts are getting promoted as part of an ad campaign

If there are promoted views that you do not understand, please reach out to your X account manager. If you do not have an account manager, you can file a support ticket here:

How far back can I view video analytics in Media Studio?

The data in Media Studio goes back to 2017.

What analytics are tracked? 

Accounts with access to Media Studio will be able to access the Video Analytics Dashboard via the Analytics tab of Media Studio.  Some examples of the analytics tracked include: 

Video starts
Retention rates (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
Completion rates (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)
Total minutes viewed 
Call-to-action clicks

Can I export the analytics? 

Yes, you can export analytics from both the Video Analytics Dashboard (VAD) and Media Studio.

Can I export video-level analytics from my library?

Yes. Click on a video in your library to open the media detail window. Then click the More analytics button to view advanced analytics. Then click the Export button that appears within that media detail window.

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