About suspended accounts

We’re committed to moderating the public conversation and creating a safe environment for everyone on X. We may suspend accounts that violate the X Rules


Why might my X account be suspended?

Learn more about some of the reasons for suspension: 

Spam: Most of the accounts we suspend are suspended because they are spammy, or just plain fake, and they introduce security risks for X and for everyone using X. These types of accounts are against our X Rules. Sometimes a real person’s account gets suspended by mistake, and in those cases we’ll work with the person to make sure the account is unsuspended.

Account security at risk: If we suspect an account has been hacked or compromised, we may suspend it until it can be secured and restored to the account owner in order to reduce potentially malicious activity caused by the compromise.

Abusive posts or behavior: We may suspend an account if it has been reported to us as violating our X Rules surrounding abuse. When an account engages in abusive behavior, like sending threats to others or impersonating other accounts, we may suspend it temporarily or, in some cases, permanently.

Note: In addition to showing Account suspended on a X profile, we may add more details around why an account has been suspended.


How to unsuspend your X account

If you think that your account was mistakenly suspended, you may be able to unsuspend it.

Take steps to unsuspend your account. If you log in and see prompts that ask you to provide your phone number or confirm your email address, follow the instructions to get your account unsuspended.

Are you seeing a message that your account is locked? Your account may also be temporarily disabled in response to reports of spammy or abusive behavior. For example, you may be prevented from posting from your account for a specific period of time or you may be asked to verify certain information about yourself before proceeding. Get help unlocking your account.

File an appeal and we may be able to unsuspend your account. If you are unable to unsuspend your own account using the instructions above and you think that we made a mistake suspending or locking your account, you can appeal. First, log in to the account that is suspended. Then, open a new browser tab and file an appeal


How to deactivate your suspended account

In order to deactivate your account, you'll first need to file an appeal. If you've appealed your suspension, and still need to deactivate your suspended account, please submit a request here. Requests can also be addressed to the contacts listed under the “How To Contact Us” section of our Privacy Policy.

Note: X might retain some information on your deactivated account to insure the safety and security of its platform and users. More information can be found here.



How to request a copy of your personal information



More about the X Rules

In the X Rules, we describe the circumstances that could lead to account suspension or other policy enforcement actions. Find more specifics about our abusive behavior policy.

Read some tips on best practices for using X (information about how many users you can follow, how to participate in Trends, how many replies to a single account are too many, etc.).


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