Misuse of Reporting Features Policy


March 2023

You may not engage in the misuse of X reporting features or systems; this includes reports submitted through the official X applications, the X Web Client, the X Help Center, or using X API.

What is in violation?

  • Engaging with X report features or forms, whether manually or through the use of automation, in order to submit duplicate or false reports in large numbers; this includes, but is not limited to:
    • Repeatedly reporting the same post(s);
    • Submitting large numbers of reports that do not violate Our Rules;
    • Using multiple accounts or other technical means to attempt to bypass reporting rate limits;
    • Using automation to submit large numbers of reports without the express written consent of X
  • Coordinating and/or encouraging others to misuse X reporting features in order to harass others under false pretenses or hope to cause their account(s) or post(s) to be limited or removed.

What constitutes “large numbers” may vary relative to the overall average volume of reports submitted per reporting entity (e.g. an X account), and is subject to change over time; we may also employ metrics such as actionable and inactionable rates as a percentage of overall reporting volume in determining whether to enforce this policy.

What is NOT a violation?

  • Manual submission of reports in good faith that you believe may violate our policies
  • Encouraging others to engage in good faith with X report features for customer support queries.

Law Enforcement Organizations (“LEO”) and Non-Governmental Organizations (“NGO”) are permitted to use automation to submit reports without prior consent, provided that they identify themselves as such organizations, either by submitting reports through their official email domain or in the application through a verified account representing their affiliated entity.

What happens if you violate the policy?

The consequences for violating this policy depend on the severity of the violation, as well as any previous history of similar violations. We may take the following actions:


Display a challenge before we accept your report

We may display a challenge if we believe you may be submitting too many reports in a way that violates this policy; you will be required to complete the challenge before you can submit subsequent reports.

X reserves the right to continue presenting you with challenges if we believe you are engaged in ongoing violations of this policy.


Temporary pause of processing

We may issue a warning and subsequently limit the submission and processing of reports and complaints made to X if you frequently submit reports in a way that violates this policy. X may resume processing your reports at its own discretion.


Permanent suspension of your account

Accounts that we believe are linked to severe forms of misuse of X reporting features may be permanently suspended on a case by case basis. Examples of severe violations include:

  • Continued and repeated violation(s) despite prior warning(s);
  • Operating multiple accounts for the purpose of violating this policy across different accounts; and,
  • Using automation to submit large numbers of reports without the express written consent of X.


Learn more about our range of enforcement options and our approach to policy development and enforcement

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