X Audience Platform

X Audience Platform is an advertising product that allows advertisers to extend their advertising campaigns off of X to reach more audiences. In operating X Audience Platform, X receives certain non-public personal information from certain digital advertising platforms, such as AppLovin, to operate X Audience Platform. More information about AppLovin’s privacy practices can be found at the links below:


AppLovin Privacy Policy

AppLovin Ads Privacy Disclosure


The information that X receives via X Audience Platform can include IP address and mobile device advertising identifiers for devices that access apps on these digital advertising platform networks. This information does not include name, email, or phone number.


X uses the data provided by certain digital advertising platforms accessed via X Audience Platforms for purposes including participating in the ad auction, billing and invoicing, internal performance measurements, and optimizing the X Audience Platform product. These purposes help improve X’s products and assist advertisers in delivering more relevant ads to users.


X Audience Platform respects X account and user device privacy settings, including Apple’s ATT setting and X’s ads personalization and inferred identity settings. When such settings are enabled (e.g., when users elect to tell X not to use off-X data for ads personalization), X won’t process or bridge data received from X Audience Platform except to provide an ad to the relevant off-X platform.