Media Studio Library

The Library is Media Studio’s home page, where you can scroll through your media library, search your content, filter (by media type), upload new media, edit metadata, review analytics, and much more.

Here you will be able to see all your videos, GIFs, and image assets that you’ve shared from your X account. This includes media assets that are posted directly from your account and/or that are uploaded via Media Studio.

Library upload specifications

  • Video
  • Image
  • GIF

Uploading media

  • How to upload media to your Library
  • FAQs
  • Errors

Metadata and Content settings

  • How to modify media metadata
  • FAQs
  • Errors

Posting and scheduling posts

  • How to post media from your Library
  • How to schedule a post from your Library
  • FAQs
  • Errors


  • How to upload an .srt subtitle file in Media Studio
  • Formatting
  • FAQs
  • Errors

Library upload specifications

These instructions are only valid for Media Studio, and should not be followed for usage of the X developer API, Pro Media API, desktop upload, or mobile upload. 

You can upload images, GIFs, and videos into your media library. Additionally, all media that has been uploaded or attached to posts created via the desktop or mobile X apps will appear in your library.


File size and type
Maximum file size: 8 GB
Type: .MP4, .MOV

Maximum resolution (landscape, up to 2 hrs): 1920x1080
Recommended resolution (landscape, up to 3 hrs): 1280x720
Recommended resolution (square): 720x720

Video specification: AVC encoding (H264)
Recommended video bitrate: 5-8 mbps
Maximum video framerate: 60 FPS
Audio specification: stereo/mono AAC (LC)
Subtitles: CEA 608/708 embedded, .SRT sidecar

Premium subscribers can upload videos up to ~3 hours long and up to 8GB file size. Videos shorter than 2 hours (1080p) should not exceed 8GB file size. Videos above 2 hours and under 3 hours must be at 720p and should not exceed 8GB file size.




File size and type
Maximum file size: 20 MB
File type: .JPG, .PNG

Maximum resolution: 8192x8192


File size
Maximum file size: 15 MB
File type: .GIF

Maximum resolution: 2048x2048


Uploading media

How to upload media to your library
  1. Ensure you’re logged in and viewing
  2. Click the Upload button at the top-right of the page.
  3. Select one or more media files from your computer.
  4. Once your media has been selected, upload will start automatically.

Tip: You may also drag and drop files into Media Studio.

Uploading media - FAQs

Can I upload multiple files at the same time?

Yes. When selecting media to upload from your computer, you can highlight multiple files to upload. Studio also has a drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to upload files just by dragging the icons from your desktop or file manager to your Media Studio library.

Why can’t I select .mov files for upload?

If you are unable to select an .mov file via the file selection window, attempt to upload the file by dragging it into your Media Studio Library. 

Can I delete media from my library?

Yes, you can delete media from your library at any time. If you have previously posted this media, people will see a playback error message. It is recommended that you delete these posts to ensure people do not see this message.

Can I filter the view of media within my library?

Currently we only support filtering the library view by media type.

Uploading media - Common errors and warnings

Error: ‘Video too long’

This error usually appears when uploading media that isn't in a supported format. Check to ensure your video is up to ~3 hours long and up to 8GB file size (1080p).

  • Videos shorter than 2 hours at 1080p should not exceed 8GB file size.
  • Videos above 2 hours and under 3 hours must be at 720p and should not exdeed 8GB file size.

Error: ‘Upload failed’

This error can appear for a few different issues: file size, resolution, encoding settings, or a connection issue. First ensure that your video file is 8GB or smaller in size—reducing the video bitrate of the file is the easiest solution for making a smaller file size. Next, ensure the resolution and encoding settings of your video are within our recommended specifications. Finally, if there is any packet loss or connection failure at the time of upload, the entire process will fail and need to be restarted.

Image and GIF
Ensure your file size, type, and resolution are within the recommended specifications. 

Processing: Stuck at 5%

It could take up to 30 minutes for your media file to complete processing. If the system cannot process the file within that timeframe, the upload will fail and the ‘Upload failed’ error message will appear.

This happens most often with .mov files. If possible, re-export files as .mp4, which should allow for overall faster upload and processing time.


Metadata and content settings

How to modify media metadata
  1. Click on the media you wish to modify within your Media Studio library.

  2. Click the Settings tab.

  3. You can update the following types of metadata (all optional):

    1. Title – updates the title field shown on some X platforms.

    2. Description – updates the description field shown on some X platforms.

    3. Call to action – adds a clickable/tappable URL to the video player shown on some X platforms.

    4. Embedded post playback – determines whether or not the video will play when a post with your video is embedded on a third-party website, ensuring that users must view the video on X.

    5. Video Downloads – determines whether or not the video can be downloaded by other users on the platform. By default, videos uploaded in Media Studio are not downloadable on the platform unless the Allow video to be downloaded has been turned on.

  4. Open Content Restrictions if you need to enable video geo-restrictions:

    1. Include.

    2. Exclude.

Metadata and content settings - FAQs

How do I save any updates I make within Studio?

There is no save button within Studio – all changes and updates are automatically saved.

Can I edit the media I’ve uploaded to Media Studio? 

No, Media Studio does not currently have editing capabilities for any uploaded media. Clips created via LiveCut can be edited within LiveCut, however this will create a copy of the media and you would need to set any necessary metadata for the new version. 

Does the filename appear anywhere on X?

No, the filename field in Media Studio is not shown anywhere publicly.

Where is the title and description of my video shown on X? 

Once posted, the title and description of your video will appear on the post details page under the video player. It will not appear when the post is viewed on the timeline.

Can I change thumbnails of my uploaded videos?

Yes. Click on a video within your library to see the Select thumbnail button. You can either select a frame from the video itself, or upload an image file from your local computer.

If uploading a custom thumbnail file from your computer, please ensure its aspect ratio is the same as your video content. Using a custom thumbnail that is a different size can cause issues with playback on X.

Can I upload a custom image thumbnail for a video?

Yes. Click on an uploaded video within your library and then click the ‘Change thumbnail’ button. Here you have the option to either choose a frame from within the video or upload a custom image from your computer. This feature is not available on Safari.

What is the ‘How would you describe your video?’ field? How is that category used on X?

This field is only required and used for videos being monetized in the Amplify Pre-roll program as a way to match your content with relevant advertisers. 

When the field is used for non-monetized, organic videos, the set category is neither used nor shown on X.

What are content restrictions? What are geo-restrictions?

Enabling content restrictions on a video allows the viewing of the video to be limited to viewers in specified countries. Restrictions are set by either Including a list of countries allowed to view, or Excluding a list of countries not allowed to view the video. Keep in mind that there may be a delay when updating restrictions on a video that has already been posted (approximately one to two minutes).

Can I add a geo-restricted piece of media to a thread?

Adding to threads from within Media Studio is not yet available, but here is a workaround. 

  1. post out the geo-restricted video from Media Studio in its own post (this post could be made to be ‘Promoted only’ so that it will not be publicly viewable via your profile).

  2. On X, create a reply within the thread and paste the URL of the geo-restricted video post and append /video/1 to the end of the URL, that would look like this:

post and media analytics will be available via the post Analytics Dashboard and/or the Video Analytics Dashboard (both found at

Am I able to modify any video metadata after posting?

Modifications to geo-restrictions and subtitles settings will be applied to all posts in which the media is shared on X, even retroactively. However, title, description, category, call-to-action, and embedding settings cannot be changed for an existing post -- any changes made to these settings will be reflected in any new posts created with that media.

Metadata and content settings - Common errors and warnings

Error: 'valid URL must be provided’

This error message occurs when adding a call-to-action URL. Check for any invalid special characters in your URL, like vertical bars, spaces, or quotation marks.

Error: 'Error refreshing media'

This can happen if too many changes are made to metadata too quickly, causing Media Studio to have issues saving all of the changes at once. Refresh your browser window and attempt to make the changes again.


Posting and scheduling Posts

How to Post media from your library
  1. Click the post button underneath the media thumbnail.

  2. Within the post compose window, enter your post text (up to 280 characters).

  3. Click the post button to immediately post your new post.

Tip: if you would like to create a post that does not appear on your timeline, select the checkbox marked ‘Promoted-only’. Find more information about Promoted-only posts.

How to schedule a Post from your library
  1. Click on the post button underneath the media thumbnail.

  2. Within the post compose window, enter your post text (up to 280 characters).

  3. Click the Schedule button at the bottom of the dialog box.

  4. Within the date picker that appears, select both a date and exact time (shown with your current timezone).

  5. Click the post button to save the scheduled post.

  6. At your selected date and time, Media Studio will post your post.

Posting and scheduling posts - FAQs

Can I create a post with 280 characters?

Yes, Media Studio supports the creation of posts with up to 280 characters. This also applies to the post scheduling feature in Media Studio.

Can I create posts from multiple usernames?

Yes, Media Studio supports the creation of multiple posts to various usernames at once. First ensure that you have access to post on behalf of other usernames.

In the post compose window, look for the dropdown next to your username listed at the top-left. Within the dropdown will be a list of all @usernames with which you can create posts. Select as many usernames as needed, and click the post button.

Can I create a thread with multiple posts?

No, this feature is not supported in Media Studio today.

Can I schedule more than one post at a time?

You can only schedule one post at a time per account. If you have access to multiple accounts, you can schedule a post to be sent from any or all of those accounts at the same time with the same post content. 

Can I edit a scheduled post?

No, it is not possible to edit a scheduled post in Media Studio. If you need to make a change, delete the scheduled post and create a new one.  Scheduled posts can be modified on, however this will create a new, lower-quality copy of the media and lose associated metadata set within Media Studio.

If you have access to a X Ads account, you can edit scheduled posts from that dashboard under Creatives —> posts page.

How do I delete a scheduled post created via Media Studio?

Click on the Schedule button within the top navigation bar. In this view, all of your scheduled posts will appear. Click the delete icon  next to any scheduled posts you would like to delete.

For posts that have already been posted to X, you must delete these via X on desktop or via the X for iOS or Android app.

posting and scheduling posts - Common errors and warnings

Error: ‘posting failed for @user. Error - 3: post is a duplicate.’

The post is too similar to one already posted. Tweak the post copy slightly and there should be no issue sending the new post. If you continue to face issues, please reach out to your account manager for assistance. If you do not have an account manager, you can file a support ticket here:

Error: ‘posting failed for @user. Error - 0: Internal server error'

Please reach out to your account manager for assistance. If you do not have an account manager, you can file a support ticket here:

Error: ‘Scheduling failed for @user. Error - 2: Rate limit exceeded’

This error message can occur when creating a scheduled post, and will appear when an account has reached the limit of 1000 draft or scheduled posts.


Media sharing

How to share media from your library to another X account
  1. Click on a media within your Media Studio library.

  2. Click the Sharing tab.

  3. Start typing in the username of the person with which you would like to share the media.

  4. Click on the correct username that appears in the dropdown.

  5. If you need to remove shared access, click the delete icon next to the associated username.

How to manage media that has been shared via Media Studio
  1. Click on the dropdown  next to the Library header under the navigation bar.

  2. Click on Shared Media.

  3. Manage and create posts via shared media within this view.

Note: All posts created via this method will include attribution to the original owner of the video (the username that originally shared the video).

Media sharing - FAQs

Why isn’t an account appearing in the Sharing username search field?

Most commonly this occurs when the handle was just created; wait 24 hours and try searching for the username again. If after 24-hours the handle does not appear, please reach out to your account manager for assistance. If you do not have a account manager, you can file a support ticket here:

Is there a way to share a video without using the Media Studio share function?

Yes, if you take the URL of a post, like the one below, you can append “/video/1” to the end. Pasting this URL at the end of a new post will render a video player. In this new post, we will surface ‘attribution’, or the name of the user that originally uploaded the video.

Can I bulk share to multiple handles at once? 

The sharing functionality happens via a typeahead function, this means that you can only enter one username at a time. There is no way to automatically share media across multiple usernames or copy/paste a bulk action. 

Does the username getting access to shared media receive any notification, email, or alert? 

No, users that have media shared with them will not receive a notification. They will see the media in their Shared Library when they next visit or refresh the page.

After sharing a piece of media, a ‘Shared link’ will appear at the bottom of the ‘Sharing’ tab. You can send this link to the recipient, which will prompt them to log into Media Studio with their X account that you shared with in order to create a post with the shared media.



How to upload an SRT subtitle file in Media Studio
  1. Click on a media within your Media Studio library.

  2. Click the Subtitles tab.

  3. Select the language of the SRT file.

  4. Click Upload.

  5. Select a subtitle file from your computer.

Subtitles - FAQs

How to format an .SRT subtitle file 

Follow the sample below for generating compatible subtitle files

00:00:06,000 --> 00:00:08,000
Hey, how's it going?

00:00:08,001 --> 00:00:10,000
What's up, how are you?

00:00:10,001 --> 00:00:11,000
Doing well, thanks!

Can I upload multiple subtitles per video?

Currently we only support one subtitle file uploaded per video.

Where do subtitles show on X? 

When a video with subtitles is viewed on X, the subtitles will appear as an overlay atop the video when the subtitles language matches the language set on the viewing user’s device (on desktop, the subtitles language is matched to the user’s X language settings). If the subtitles language is not the same as the language of the user, subtitles will not appear. 

By default, subtitles appear when the video’s sound is not playing, and will be hidden when sound is playing. Some users may have subtitles enabled within their device’s accessibility settings—if this is the case, then subtitles will always show, regardless of whether audio is on or if full-screen view is in use.

I uploaded a subtitle, why doesn’t appear in the preview player in Media Studio?

Correct. Subtitle files will only be shown once posted.

Subtitles - Common errors and warnings

Error: ‘There was a problem uploading your subtitle (.srt) file’

This means that there is likely an issue with the formatting of the file. Let’s use this below subtitle with incorrect formatting as an example:

0:00:36.801--> 0:00:42.239
Hey, how's it going?

00:00:40,161 --> 00:00:42,239
What's up, how are you?

Open the .SRT subtitle using your preferred text editing application and look for the following:


Any end time needs to be before the next start time.
All subtitle headers need to be in chronological order.


Remove any unnecessary spaces that appear before a time code.
Ensure there is one space before and one space after the "–>" in each time code.


A colon “:” is required between the hours, minutes, and seconds. 
A comma “,” is required between seconds and milliseconds.


Time codes must have double digits in all values for hours, minutes, and seconds.
Milliseconds need to have three digits.

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