How to use the ALT badge and GIF label

The ALT badge

"ALT" is the abbreviation for alternative text, which is the technical name for image description. The ALT badge on images lets you know when someone has added a description to their image. 

To read the image description: 

  • Select the ALT badge and the image description will appear. 
Screenshot of Tweet from @TwitterSupport showing the image description at the bottom of the screen on an Android phone, with a dimmed Timeline in the background. The Twitter app is in dim mode.
Screenshot of Tweet from @TwitterSupport showing the image description above the ALT badge on the Web app. The Timeline is in the background.
  • To exit, select the Dismiss button, escape key, or any spot outside the description. This experience is the same on Android, iOS, and web.

The GIF label

The GIF label is not interactive like the ALT badge. The GIF label communicates that the media is a GIF and has movement. For those who choose to have media auto-play turned off in their timeline, it's helpful to have the GIF label to differentiate from static images.

Screenshot of the GIF label on a GIF

If a GIF has an image description, the ALT badge will appear next to it, and you can select it to read the GIF description. 

Screenshot of Tweet from @TwitterSupport showing the GIF label and ALT badge in the bottom corner of the GIF. The timeline is in dim mode.

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