About Edit post

With a subscription to X Premium you can now edit original posts so you can make changes and fix typos. 

Device instructions

What is Edit post?

Edit post is a feature that gives you a 1 hour window to make a limited number of changes to published original posts. Use it to make updates, tag someone, or reorder the media you attached. 

How does Edit post work?

After you publish a post or a Quote, you’ll see a notification that says Your post has been sent. You can edit it for the next 1 hour. You'll have the opportunity to make up to 5 edits within that 1 hour window. Use that time to make changes like adding, deleting and/or correcting your text or rearranging and tagging media.

When you complete the Update, you’ll see another notification saying Your post has been edited. The updated post displays an edited icon and label to let people on X know you’ve made changes to the original post. Clicking into the post shows any previously published versions. You’ll also keep any engagement of past versions of a post you’ve edited.

Note: You can only edit a post from the device you sent it from. Learn more 

Can all post be edited?

You can only edit the text or media on original post and Quotes up to 1 hour after you send them.

You can’t currently edit the following post types:

  • Threads

  • Replies

  • Promoted posts

  • Polls

  • Pinned posts

  • Posts from a third-party service

  • Posts via X Pro

  • Subscriber posts


What should I do if I’m having trouble editing my posts?

You need to edit your posts from the device you sent that post from. For example if you send a post from your X for iOS or X for Android app, you’ll use the same device to navigate back to the X app and edit your post. 

If you send a post from x.com, you’ll go back to x.com to edit the post.

Who can see edited posts?

Everyone on X can see the edited label on a post that’s been updated, and everyone can click into the edited post to see any previous published versions. 

How is Edit post different from the Undo post feature?

The biggest difference between Undo post and Edit post is when you make changes to a post.

Undo post offers the ability to preview and change posts before they’re public. Edit post allows you to update a post after you’ve published it.

Can I report an edited post for abusive behavior?

You can report abuse in an edited post the same way you report a regular post. 

How to edit a post

Within 1 hour of posting, you can make up to 5 edits to your posts and Quotes. 

  1. Navigate to your profile menu
  2. Select the  icon. 
  3. Select the Edit post button.
  4. Edit your post.
  5. Select Update on the top right hand corner of the post composer. 
  6. Your post is edited! Now you’ll see a Last edited button on your post, where you can see edit history.