Help with common following issues

I can't follow anyone


  1. You may be trying to follow accounts with protected posts. Accounts with protected posts will first need to approve your request to follow them.
  2. You may have hit a following limit
  3. We only allow you to follow a certain number of accounts per day and per account in order to limit spam. Learn more about follow limits
I can't unfollow someone
  1. Sign in to X and find the account's profile by either searching for them, or by visiting your following list.
  2. Hover over the Following button next to the account you don't want to follow anymore via web. It will turn red and say Unfollow. Click Unfollow and the account will be removed from your following list. If it doesn't turn red or click, refresh the page and try again, or click the account's name to visit their profile page and unfollow them there.
  3. To unfollow a particular account from the X for iOS or Android apps: Navigate to your following list and tap the following icon next to the account name. If you have trouble, visit their profile page and tap the following icon to unfollow.

My follower count is wrong

  • If you received a notification from X alerting you to a new follower, but don't see that person later in your followers list, it's likely that account was hidden for spam activity, unfollowed you, or deactivated their account.
  • To see the full list of your followers, including suspected spam accounts, turn off the quality filter in your settings. To learn how, read our About the Notifications timeline article.

It looks like I'm not following someone I know I followed


  1. Find the account's profile by either searching for them or by entering their username in your browser. Example:
  2. Confirm that a blue Following box shows when you visit their profile.
    • If it shows Following, their posts should appear in your Home timeline.
    • If it doesn't show, they may have blocked you. Click or tap Follow on their profile. An error message means the account has blocked you from following them. Read more about blocking.

Need more help?

If you have more questions about any following issues, you can contact our Support team.

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