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In addition to the X Rules that help all people participate in the public conversation freely and safely, our Help Center provides resources and tips that help you stay safe on X. Where applicable, we also offer information about any policies and practices that are region-specific.

Confirmed phone numbers
Grievance officer

We’re introducing a profile setting which allows people in India to mark their X account as having a confirmed phone number. Activating this setting displays a Confirmed phone number mark  in the profile. Only logged-in X customers in India can see this mark, and activating the mark reveals to them that you're also in India.

Please note that the Confirmed phone number mark  isn’t the same as a verified blue checkmark, and doesn’t give people who activate the phone number mark a verified blue checkmark . For information about requirements related to a verified blue checkmark, read How to get verified on X.

Will my phone number display on my X profile?

No, this profile setting only activates a Confirmed phone number mark  next to your profile picture. It doesn’t display your phone number. 

How do I activate the profile setting to display the “Confirmed phone number” mark?

If you already have an accurate, up-to-date phone number associated with your X account you can activate this setting the same way you customize your profile. If you’re based in India, you’ll select Confirmed phone number mark, and toggle the setting on. 

What should I do if my phone number is out of date?

If you previously added a phone number and need to update it, follow these instructions. Having an up-to-date phone number helps keep your account secure.

More about phone numbers on X:

Grievance Officer - India

How to report a violation through our Help Center 

Here is an overview on how to report potential violations of the X Rules and Terms of Service.

Submitting requests through our support forms will ensure that they are routed to the appropriate team and processed expeditiously. More information is available in the Help Center.

Grievance Officer contact information for users in India 

X Corp.
1355 Market St #900
San Francisco, California 94103
United States

Resident Grievance Officer
Vinay Prakash

Effective October 22, 2023, the Resident Grievance Officer cannot be contacted by email, and X Corp. does not accept service of any legal process by email. 

To contact the Resident Grievance Officer, to submit a grievance, or to serve a summons or notice in a civil proceeding for the attention of X Corp., use the Report to Grievance Officer Form.

Law enforcement requests can be submitted at X's Legal Request Submission site, available at legalrequests.twitter.com.

X Corp. can also be contacted in India at the following address:
8th Floor, The Estate,
121 Dickenson Road,
Bangalore 560 042


India Transparency Report

Pursuant to Article 4(d) of India’s Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, X is required to publish a monthly report regarding our handling of complaints from users in India, including action taken on them, as well as the number of URLs that X has taken action as a result of proactive monitoring efforts. For the latest report, click here.


Publishers of news and current affairs

If you are a publisher of news and current affairs content under the Information Technology (Intermediary Liability and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, as per Rule 5, X is required to inform you that you need to provide details of your X accounts to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India under Rule 18 of the above rules.

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