Accessibility at X


Here at X, our mission is to give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly without barriers, including people with disabilities/Disabled people.  We have a dedicated group of cross-functional inclusive designers and engineers, with and without lived experience of disability, focused on providing the best experience regardless of device, platform, or disability by incorporating established guidelines and best practices.

Accessibility features

While we know that our work never stops, here are just some of the ways we have worked toward improving the accessibility of X for various disabilities.


  • Screen reader and refreshable braille display support
  • Font size and high contrast settings
  • Dark mode support, with themes for dim or lights out



  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Switch device, Voice Control (iOS), and Voice Access (Android) support
  • Custom Magic Tap shortcuts (iOS)


  • Reduce motion/animation settings 
  • Prevent video autoplay
  • Turn off sounds

For more information on accessibility features, see Accessibility features of X.

Software requirements

In order to get the best accessible experience, we recommend that you use the most current versions of relevant software:

  • Latest operating system version
  • Latest assistive technology version
  • Latest version of X on iOS or Android
  • Latest browser version

Accessibility consultant support

In addition to our internal Accessibility Experience Team, we rely on the support of external accessibility consulting companies to augment and validate our efforts, including testing with disabled people, to ensure we are always up to date with the latest in accessibility guidelines, laws, and practices.

Community created content

One of the best parts of X is being able to create and share content, especially media like images and videos. While not all content creators are willing or able to provide content in an inclusive way, we are continuously working to encourage content creators to share accessible content by educating and providing tools to simplify adding meaningful text alternatives and descriptions.


We know accessibility is an on-going process and there will always be work to do, but if you need support or would like to provide feedback you can reach us on X @XA11y. We take all your feedback and suggestions seriously, honestly, and with care.