How we use your data for push notifications

Push notifications are updates and information sent to your device, alerting you to what’s happening on X.

We may use certain data for you to see more relevant push notifications on your device at a time that is more convenient for you. 

In order to notify you at the right moments about X content and/or to notify you about X content that is personalized for you, we may use the following data:

  • Device signals
  • Topics and trends that you follow
  • posts you’ve engaged with, such as liked, commented, or Reposted
  • Accounts you follow and similar accounts to those you follow
  • Accounts you may have interacted with on X  even if you don’t follow these accounts

We may also use data about your preferences (for example, when you choose “See Less Often”) and your recent engagement on X to determine when to send fewer recommended notifications in order to make your experience better. 


What are device signals?

Device signals means information from your mobile device that the X app can process if the X app is installed on your mobile device. These device signals include, but are not limited to:

  • Connectivity: for example, whether your device is roaming, on airplane mode, has data connection, your signal strength, nearby wifi availabilities, and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Phone conditions: including time, battery and charging, headphones, sound volume, screen settings, pressure around the phone, and brightness
  • Phone usage: whether your phone is covered, whether your screen is unlocked for use, movement and rotation of the device

For more information about how we collect and use your information to provide our services, please see Privacy Policy.


How can I control which device signals X uses for notifications?

Learn more about how to control notifications

To control which notifications you receive on your device, visit your device’s notifications settings. 


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