About X Pro

We've launched a new version of X Pro (formerly known as TweetDeck) globally. X Pro offers enhanced functionality and incorporates more of what you see on x.com. New features include a full post composer, advanced search features, and new column types. We’re also introducing Decks—a new way to group columns into clean workspaces. 

Note: If you need help with the current version of Pro, you’ll find FAQs and other help articles under our website and app integrations page

X Pro FAQs


Will I be able to migrate all of my saved searches, columns, and lists into the new version of Pro?

You’ll have the option to copy your search, list, and profile columns into the new Pro. This is a one-time option to copy this information into the new Pro. You’ll be able to download your data in X settings.


Note: If you switch between the current and the new version of Pro, changes you make in one version will not carry over to the other.


What new features are in Pro?

Right now new features include: 

  • A sign-on flow that helps you set up your Pro experience the way you’d like to. You can also include existing columns from the standard Pro version into your Pro Preview experience. 
  • A post composer that lets you create threads and add photos, videos, GIFs, polls, or emojis to your posts, including scheduled posts. 
  • Advanced search helps you find the content you're looking for.  
  • Post order so you can view top posts or latest posts first in columns.
  • Decks that let you organize your columns into groups for cleaner workspaces. 
  • A Column Creator that offers a more intuitive way to create columns, and includes the ability to “Search X” from within the column. Create column types like profile, topics, explore, events, and bookmarks. 
  • Video Docking allows you to watch a video while performing other functions like accessing content in the same column, and changing Decks.

We’re still working on making improvements to the Teams feature and we’ll share more information about those updates as soon as possible.


Does Pro work on mobile and all screen resolutions?

Pro is not available on mobile, and you need a viewport resolution greater than 500px in width and 500px in height to access the new version of Pro.


If your browser window is below 500 px in width and height, you'll see a notification that Pro is not available on a mobile device, and you won't be able to access the new version of Pro.


Can I add more than one X account in the new Pro?

You can add multiple accounts into Pro with the Account Switching feature when you click your Profile icon, then select Add an existing account. This feature lets you toggle between your accounts like you would on x.com and your X app.


Is Account Switching the same as X Teams?

Account Switching is different from Pro Teams which lets you share access to your accounts without needing to share passwords. We’re still redesigning a new Pro Teams experience.

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