How to find podcasts on X Spaces Tab

The Spaces Tab is a place for people on X to discover Stations with live Spaces, recorded Spaces, and podcasts personalized to their interests and Topics, who they follow, listening history, and what’s trending.

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Where can I find podcasts for free?

All podcasts that you find on X are free to listen to and play. You can find podcasts by navigating to the Spaces Tab at the bottom of your Home timeline.


How can I play a podcast?

Podcasts will be served from Stations on the Spaces Tab via the Spaces  icon, similar to how you see which Spaces are playing. 


What are Stations?

Stations are groupings of mixed content playlists of live and recorded Spaces and podcasts that are served and displayed on your feed.


How do I find which podcasts to listen to?

You can use the “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons to indicate which Spaces and podcasts interest you most.


How do I search for a podcast?

Searching for a podcast is not available. Currently you can only find podcasts that have been recommended to you by X based on your interests and people you follow within the Spaces Tab.

The following are also not available with podcasts on X:

  • Sharing a podcast
  • Saving a podcast
  • Bookmarking a podcast
  • Subscribing to a podcast
  • Listening to the same podcast episode again

How are podcasts selected and served to me in my Spaces Tab?

We are working to make podcasts targeted and personalized based on people and Topics you follow, and general interests. Learn more about Topics and how to find Topics most relevant to you.

Podcasts that are available in Stations within the Spaces Tab are served and ranked based on the engagement a podcast receives. Your podcast recommendations become more personalized the more you listen to and engage with that content. 


Can I listen to a podcast when X is minimized and I'm on another app?

Yes. Podcasts work the same way as X Spaces. You can start listening to a podcast in the Spaces Tab and it will continue to play if you leave the X app.


Will I hear ads in podcasts?

Yes. X does not own the podcasts and therefore will not strip the ads from the podcast creators/owners.


Can I upload my own podcast?

No, you cannot upload your own podcast. Currently, X is using existing RSS functionality to pull in podcasts from partners, brands, and creators. However, Spaces hosts can turn a Space into a podcast via the workaround described in the FAQ below.


Can Spaces hosts turn a Space into a podcast?

Not within the Spaces Tab. As a workaround, hosts can download a recording of their Space from their X archive, and upload that audio file as a podcast, which may reappear in a Station within the Spaces tab.


Can I create my own Station?

Not at this time.


How long will a podcast episode be available to listen to?

There is no set amount of time a podcast episode will be available to play. If you’re currently listening to a podcast, we’ll keep it in the Spaces Tab for the duration that you have it open.

If you think a podcast violates the X Rules or copyright policy, you can report it.

How to report a podcast
Step 1

Navigate to the more icon .

Step 2

Select Report this podcast

Step 1

Navigate to the more icon .

Step 2

Select Report this podcast

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