About SMS charges for Posts

X will not charge you for text messages, or to use mobile.X.com. However, you may see usage charges from your service provider depending on the type of data/rate plan you are currently on.

How you may be charged for using X on mobile

Your carrier will charge you for text messages from X in the same way as text messages from someone you know. For example: 

  1. If you have an unlimited texting plan, you won't be charged for texts.
  2. If your plan only allows a certain number of texts per month, you'll be charged for texts that go over that number, whether or not they came from X.
  3. If you pay-per-message, you will be charged by your carrier for the messages sent from X.

Note that standard rates do apply when you add your phone to X. Your service provider might have fees for sending and receiving SMS/text messages or using your mobile browser to connect to X.

How international users may be charged

Check if your specific carrier allows two-way (sending and receiving) service with X. If you don't see your country-specific carrier on that list, you can still use X with your phone! Once your phone is verified, you'll be able to send your updates to +447624800379, but you will not be able to receive text updates from X.

Some carriers, even in the UK, consider X's long code to be an international number and  will charge per message. Check with your carrier for details.

Note: Remember to check your phone plan for international rates; be aware that even in the UK, standard messaging rates vary by carrier, and do apply.

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