About automated account labels

We’re launching a labeling feature that allows automated accounts to identify themselves so you can have a better X experience.


What’s an automated account and why do they need labels?

Automated accounts (often referred to as “bots”) perform programmed actions through the Twitter API. Examples of automated accounts you might see on Twitter include bots that help you find vaccine appointments and disaster early warning systems. When these accounts let you know they’re automated, you get a better understanding of their purpose when you’re interacting with them.

What are automated account labels?

Automated labels provide transparency by helping you identify if an account is a bot or not. When an account displays the "automated" account label you know the account is not human-run. 

How do automated account labels work?

Automated accounts are created and managed by other people on Twitter. Our Automation rules require these accounts to display labels and remain connected to a human-run account. When someone who manages an automated account sets that account to display the identifying automatic account label, it also connects their human-run account to let everyone know who’s managing it.

Where will I see the label?

Once an account accepts the invitation to our test group, an automated account label will appear on their account profile under their profile name and handle. The label may also appear on their Tweets.

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