About Grok, Your Humorous AI Search Assistant on X

Welcome to the world of Grok, an AI search assistant with a twist of humor and a dash of rebellion. X Premium and Premium+ subscribers have the ability to conduct searches and get answers using Grok, as an enhancement of X's search functions. Grok is here to help you with your search and answers while keeping you entertained and engaged. In this article, we explain what Grok is, how it works, and where you can find it.


What is Grok and how does it work?

Grok is a new enhanced search feature available to X Premium and Premium+ subscribers powered by xAI’s state-of-the-art large language model (LLM) (Grok-1). Inspired by the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and JARVIS from Iron Man, Grok is designed to answer almost any question with a touch of wit and humor, while also providing helpful and insightful responses. Grok has a rebellious streak and an outside perspective on humanity, making it a unique and entertaining companion. Grok-1 utilizes next-token prediction model weights (models that predict the most likely word or symbol to follow a given text sequence) to know how to perform certain tasks.


How was Grok trained?

Like most LLM's today, Grok-1 was pre-trained by xAI on a variety of text data from publicly available sources from the Internet up to Q3 2023 and data sets reviewed and curated by AI Tutors who are human reviewers. Grok-1 has not been pre-trained on X data (including public X posts). Grok’s training journey is outlined on the xAI website and Model Card.


How does Grok use data?

Provide Answers

In responding to user queries, Grok has a unique feature that allows it to decide whether or not to search X public posts and conduct a real-time web search on the Internet. Grok’s access to real-time public X posts allows Grok to respond to user queries with up-to-date information and insights on a wide range of topics.



To continuously improve your experience, we may utilize your X posts as well as your user interactions, inputs and results with Grok for training and fine-tuning purposes. This also means that when you interact with Grok, your interactions, inputs and results may be used to train and enhance the system’s performance. This allows us to:

  • Enhance Grok's understanding of human language and communication.

  • Improve Grok's ability to provide accurate, relevant, and engaging responses.

  • Develop Grok's sense of humor and wit to make interactions more enjoyable.

  • Ensure Grok remains politically unbiased and provides balanced answers.

X users have the ability to control when they want their posts as well as their interactions, inputs and results with Grok to be used for training and fine-tuning purposes, as described below. Please note that you additionally may also prevent your posts from being used for training Grok by making your account private.


How do I manage my privacy settings for enhancing Grok?

How do I opt-out of model training?

As a user of Grok, you have the flexibility to control how your posts as well as your interactions, inputs and results with Grok are used to train and fine-tune the underlying model. Below you can see how you can opt-out by managing your privacy setting at X.

  • Using your X settings, Select "Privacy & Safety"

  • Select "Data sharing and personalization"

  • Select "Grok"

  • You will see “Data Sharing”

  • Toggle the option “Allow your posts as well as your interactions, inputs, and results with Grok to be used for training and fine-tuning.”

Can I delete my conversation history with Grok?

You can delete all of your conversation history at once. Deleted conversations are removed from our systems within 30 days, unless we have to keep them for security or legal reasons.

  • Using your X settings, Select "Privacy & Safety"

  • Select "Data sharing and personalization"

  • Select "Grok"

  • You will see “Delete Conversation History”

  • Confirm to “Delete your interactions, inputs, and results” 

How do I protect my posts and make my account private?

Additionally, by making your account private, you ensure that your posts are not visible to everyone. Additionally, making your account private prevents your posts from being used to train Grok’s underlying model or to generate responses to user queries. Here’s how you can activate this privacy setting:

  • Using your X settings, Select “Settings and privacy”

  • Select “Privacy & Safety”

  • Select “Audience and tagging”

  • Check the box next to “Protect your posts”


What else should I be aware of?

This is an early version of Grok. It may confidently provide factually incorrect information, missummarize, or miss some context. We encourage you to independently verify any information you receive. Please do not share personal data or any sensitive and confidential information in your conversations with Grok. This applies to any information about yourself or others. Ensuring the privacy and protection of such data is crucial, so we advise against sharing it with Grok.


Where can I find Grok?

Grok is currently available to X Premium and Premium+ subscribers on iOS, Android, and web in some countries. To access Grok, follow these steps:

  1. Visit x.com or open the X app on your iOS or Android device and sign up for a Premium subscription.

  2. Access Grok by selecting the Grok icon in the navigation bar in the X app or website.

  3. Start typing or start from a suggestion.

We hope you enjoy using Grok and that it helps you to stay informed and entertained. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to direct message our support team @premium.


Does X or xAI sell my data?

No. We do not sell your data.


How do I submit a data privacy request?

Please submit your request via Privacy Policy Inquiries or via this Inquiry Form.


Countries where Grok is available

Grok is available in all countries where X Premium is available.

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