Professional account policy

Thank you for taking the time to learn about X’s policy for Professional Accounts on X! With a Professional Account, you can:

  • Create a Professional Profile, which enables you to distinguish yourself as a business or professional creator on X.
  • Utilize Quick Promote, the fastest way to promote your content through X Ads.  

Eligibility requirements and feature policies detailed on this page ensure that people and organizations can participate in the public conversation freely and safely on X. 

Professional account eligibility requirements

  • You must not have a history of repeatedly violating the X User Agreement.
  • You must have a complete profile with an account name, a bio, and a profile picture.
  • Your authentic identity must be clear on your Profile. Your profile must not feature the identity of another person, brand, or organization, nor does it use a fake identity that is intended to deceive others. Profiles that feature animals or fictional characters are ineligible, unless directly affiliated with your brand or organization.  Parody and fan accounts are not eligible for Professional Accounts. Learn more about our Misleading and deceptive identities policy.

Professional account feature policies

Eligibility requirement:

  •  You must have a Professional Account. 

Conduct and content requirements:

Eligibility requirements:

  • You must have a Professional Account. 

  • You must comply with advertiser eligibility criteria detailed in our X Ads Eligibility Policy.

  • You must not owe money to X.

Conduct and content requirements:

Enforcement philosophy

All people with a Professional Account must comply with the requirements described and referenced on this page. Should you violate any one of these requirements, act in a manner directly counter to X’s purpose or principles, or otherwise act in a way potentially harmful to X or its customers, we may take some or all of the enforcement actions outlined below.

Eligibility requirement enforcement

  • If you do not meet eligibility requirements for a Professional Account, you will not be able to create one. 
  • If you do not meet eligibility requirements for Professional Account features – a Professional Profile and/or Quick Promote – you will not be able to utilize them.
  • If you are initially able to create a Professional Account, activate a Professional Profile, or access Quick Promote, but later X finds that you do not meet eligibility requirements, we may pause your ability to utilize them.

Conduct and content requirement enforcement

Depending on context, severity, and history of violative behavior, we may take some or all of the following enforcement actions: 

  • Limit amplification of your account via algorithmic recommendations to accounts that do not follow you. 
  • Pause or permanently revoke your ability to have a Professional Account, Professional Profile, access Quick Promote, or advertise on X.
  • Pause or permanently revoke your access to X. 
  • Hide violating content while it is awaiting removal. 
  • Remove, or require you to remove, violative content.

If your account is compromised

If we detect that your account may be compromised, we may disable your Professional Account interface(s) and pause any active advertising campaigns until your account is restored. 

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