Help with temporary account lock out

What does it mean to be locked out?

  • After a limited number of failed attempts to sign in to X, you will be temporarily locked out from trying to sign in. When your account is locked, you will not be able to sign in — even with the correct password.
  • This lock lasts about an hour and will then clear on its own.

If the lock does not clear after an hour

  1. Disable your third-party applications, like postdeck, Hootsuite, widgets, etc. (Only re-enable the applications you've disabled after you've confirmed you can sign in at
  2. Wait an hour.
  3. After an hour has passed, check to confirm that you can sign in successfully at If you can't remember your password, you can request a new password here.
  4. If you don't receive a password reset email and still cannot remember your password, read login troubleshooting tips.

Why does X lock accounts?

X limits the number of times that someone can try signing in to an account for security reasons. We don't want to give hackers unlimited attempts at guessing your password. So, we block them from trying after a while.

I didn't trigger the lock. Was my account compromised?

  • If your account appears to be hacked or phished, we may proactively reset the passwords for the affected accounts to revoke access to the hacker. In these cases, we send an email to the account's real owner (you) with additional information on how to reset the password. If you got one of these emails, please follow the instructions in the email.
  • If you think your account has been hacked or phished, find additional information on compromised accounts.

What if I keep getting locked out and I use postDeck?

  • If you're using postDeck and are locked out of your account, please sign out of and close postDeck entirely. You will not be able to verify or change your new password in postDeck while you are locked out, and keeping postDeck open may be causing your ongoing locks. Wait an hour and then confirm that you can sign in on
  • Once you've logged in successfully at, open postDeck and go immediately to Preferences and then Accounts. Select your account, then verify and save your correct password.

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