Our range of enforcement options

When we take enforcement actions, we may do so either on a specific piece of content (e.g., an individual post or Direct Message), on an account, or employ a combination of these options. In some instances, this is because the behavior violates the X Rules. Other times, it may be in response to a valid legal request from an authorized entity in a given country. Below are some of the enforcement actions that we may take.

Post-level enforcement

We take action at the post level when a specific post violates the X Rules, including posts that share or reproduce other posts by posting screenshots, quote-posting, or sharing post URLs that violate our Rules.

A few of the ways in which we might take action at the post level include:

Limiting post visibility: Where appropriate, we will restrict the reach of posts that violate our policies and create a negative experience for other users by making the post less  discoverable on X. This can include:

  • Excluding the post from search results, trends, and recommended notifications

  • Removing the post from the For you and Following timelines

  • Restricting the post’s discoverability to the author’s profile

  • Downranking the post in replies

  • Restricting Likes, replies, Reposts, Quote posts, bookmarks, share, pin to profile, or Edit post

Excluding the post from having ads adjacent to it: Starting in April 2023, posts identified as violating our Rules will begin to receive labels informing both post authors and viewers that we limited the post’s visibility. 

Authors will be able to submit an appeal on the label if they think we incorrectly limited their post’s visibility. 

Requiring post removal:  When we determine that a post violated the X Rules and the violation is severe enough to warrant post removal, we will require the violator to remove it before they can post again. They will need to go through the process of removing the violating post or appealing our removal request if they believe we made an error. The post will be hidden from public view with a notice during this process. 

Labeling a post: If we determine a post contains misleading or disputed information per our policies that could potentially lead to harm, we may add a label to the content to provide context and additional information to users. In these cases, Community Notes may also be visible on posts to provide additional context.

Notice of public interest exception: We may determine that it is in the public interest for a post that would otherwise be in violation of our rules to remain accessible on our service. When this occurs, we will place the post behind a notice and limit its visibility. Learn more about the public interest exception.


Direct Message-level enforcement

Stopping conversations between a reported violator and the reporter’s account: In a private Direct Message conversation, when a participant reports the other account, we will stop the violator from sending messages to the account who reported them. The conversation will also be removed from the reporter's inbox. However, if the reporter decides to continue to send Direct Messages to the violator, the conversation will resume.

Placing a Direct Message behind a notice: In a group Direct Message conversation, the violating Direct Message may be placed behind a notice to ensure no one else in the group can see it again.

Account-level enforcement

We take action to suspend an account if we determine that a user has engaged in repeated violations of our policies and/or violated specific policies that cause significant risk to X (i.e. posting illegal content, attempts to manipulate our platform or spam users, using our platform to incite violence, etc.) or pose a threat to our users (fraud, user privacy violations, violent threats, targeted harassment, etc.).

Placing an account in read-only mode: We may temporarily limit an account’s ability to post, Repost, or Like. The user can read their timelines and will only be able to send Direct Messages to their followers. 

Verifying account ownership: We may require an account owner to verify ownership with a phone number or email address. Note that when an account has been locked pending completion of a challenge (such as being required to provide a phone number), it is removed from follower counts, Reposts, and Likes.

Users can appeal account suspensions if they believe we made an error. They can do this through the platform interface or by filing a report.

Actions we may take against non-violating content

Placing a post behind a notice: We may place some forms of sensitive media like adult content or graphic violence behind an interstitial advising viewers to be aware that they will see sensitive media if they click through. Learn more about how to control whether you see sensitive media.

Withholding a post based on age: We restrict views of specific forms of sensitive media such as adult content for viewers who are under 18 or viewers who do not include a birth date on their profile with interstitials

Withholding a post or account in a country: We may withhold access to certain content in a particular country if we receive a valid and properly scoped request from an authorized entity in that country. Read more about country withheld content.