X’s Creator Monetization Standards

All content on X is subject to the X’s User Agreement, including the X Rules. As you seek to get paid from X for your content on the platform, remember that monetized content, like other content on X, must be in compliance with our rules on Safety, Authenticity, and Privacy

In addition, if you earn money or currency from X via any of our creator monetization products, you are subject to X’s Creator Monetization Standards, which includes eligibility, content and conduct standards, as outlined on this page. These rules mitigate risk of harm to X and its customers, while ensuring that creators derive the utmost value from monetization features.  

If you advertise on X, you must also follow X’s Ads Policies, and if you are a publisher participating in X’s Amplify Program, you must also comply with X’s Amplify Pre-Roll Guidelines and Brand Safety Policies.


Eligibility Standards

Creators who monetize on X must meet the following requirements:

  • You must reside in a country in which X’s monetization programs are available. 
  • You must be 18 or older. 
  • You must have a X account that has been active for at least 3 months. 
  • You must have a complete profile inclusive of an account name, a bio, a profile picture, and a header image.
  • You must have a verified email address.  Learn how to verify your email address.
  • You must have secured your account with two factor authentication. Learn how to enable two-factor authentication.
  • You must not be designated a state-affiliated media account
  • You must be in good standing with X, which means that:
    • You have not repeatedly violated the X User Agreement or X’s Content Monetization Standards. 
    • You have not previously been removed as an advertiser on X for violations of our Ads policies or as an Amplify publisher on X for violations of our Amplify Pre-Roll Guidelines
  • You must connect a verified Stripe account.
  • You must complete identity verification.
  •  Subscriptions additional criteria (Learn more about Subscriptions)


Conduct Standards

Creators participating in X’s monetization products are prohibited from engaging in the following activity:

  • Solicitation: 
    • You must not request or offer currency or engagements in exchange for behavior or content that is illegal, unlawful, or harmful to you, other people, or animals.  
    • You must not request or offer currency or engagements in exchange for physical goods and services.   
    • You must not request currency or engagements in exchange for sexual services.
    • You must not use X features that enable payments or the monetization of content as a required entry method for a contest, sweepstake, or other promotion. To learn more, see our Promotions policy
  • Fraud and deception: You must not mislead people into engaging with or compensating you, including deception about which people or what entities are receiving compensation associated with your account.
  • Platform manipulation and spam: you must not engage in the type of behavior that is prohibited by our platform manipulation and spam policy. This includes attempting to artificially inflate engagement or misuse X product features to disrupt others’ experience. 
  • Local law: You are responsible for complying with applicable local laws and regulations while earning revenue on X. 


Content Standards

All content on X must comply with the X Rules


Prohibited Content

The following content categories are not eligible for monetization:

1. Illegal Activity

Content that features illegal content, products and services. Please also refer to the X Rules: Illegal or certain regulated goods or services Policy

This includes:

  • Recreational drugs or drug paraphernalia 

  • Prescription drugs and medications

  • Tobacco and related products 

  • Sale of alcohol

  • Gambling, betting, lottery, or raffle products and services 

  • Sale of Weapons, ammunition and explosives 

  • Spam, misleading content or online piracy

  • Promotion or sale of products derived from endangered species


Restricted Content

The following restricted categories may face restricted monetization:

1. Adult or Sexual Content

Content that features overly suggestive or sexually provocative activity, pornography, nudity or implied sexual acts. 

This includes:

  • Depictions of sex acts, sexual organs, sex toys, and sexual bodily fluids

  • Content related to escort or prostitution services

  • Adult entertainment

  • Sex-focused “dating” sites

  • Adult sites and services such as erotica, pornography, etc.

  • Sexually explicit accessories and clothing


2. Graphic, Objectionable and Violent Content  

Content that features crimes, excessively violent, or shocking content real or fictional. 

This includes:

  • Death

  • Torture 

  • Serious injury or excessive bloodshed

  • Extreme body modification or dismemberment 

  • Criminal activity

  • Harmful acts to individuals or animals 


3. Hate or Extremist Content 

Content that depicts or portrays hateful activity, harasses, shames, or insults an individual or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ability, nationality, religion, caste, victims and survivors of violent acts and their kin, immigration status or serious disease sufferers. 

This includes: 

  • Language with intent to demean, degrade, threaten, or intimate an individual or group belonging to a protected class.

  • Content promoting, glorifying, or any way affiliated with organizations, groups or individuals who promote hate, extremist or terrorist content. 


4. Sensitive Content 

Content relating to tragedy, conflict, mass violence, or exploitation of controversial political or social issues. 

This includes: 

  • Natural or industrial disasters 

  • Violent attacks against civilians

  • Civic disorder

  • War and armed conflict

  • Debatable social issues 


5. Strong Language 

Content that contains the use of explicit, derogatory, or vulgar language in spoken, written, censored or other forms of representation. 

This includes:

  • Profanity 

  • Vulgar expressions

  • Offensive remarks

  • Crude gestures 


Enforcement Philosophy

All creators monetizing content on X must comply with the requirements described and referenced on this page. Should you violate any one of these requirements, act in a manner directly counter to X’s purpose or principles, or otherwise act in a way we deem potentially harmful to X or its customers, we may take some or all of the enforcement actions outlined below. 

Eligibility requirement enforcement

If you do not meet eligibility requirements, you will not be able to participate in X’s content monetization programs. If you are initially accepted but later X finds that you do not meet eligibility requirements, we may pause or revoke your ability to participate. 

Conduct and content requirement enforcement

If you violate the requirements described and referenced on this page, and depending on context, severity, and history of violative behavior, we may:

  • Limit amplification of your account via algorithmic recommendations to accounts that do not follow you. 
  • Pause or permanently revoke your ability to earn paid by X in connection with all or some of X’s monetization features. 
  • Pause or permanently revoke your access to other X products that enable you to get paid by X. 
  • Remove, or require you to remove, violative content. 
  • Hide violating content while it is awaiting removal. 
  • Pause or permanently revoke your access to X. 

If your account is compromised

If we detect that your account may be compromised, we will disable monetization features temporarily until your account is restored.

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