Help with confirmation emails

Are you getting emails in your inbox for a X account you didn't sign up for? Typically this is just a case of honest confusion – it's likely someone signed up for a X account and mistyped their email, using yours instead. Read on to learn how to resolve the problem.

How to remove your email from the account
  1. Click the "not my account" link that appears in the confirmation email we sent to your email inbox. You will be taken to a page that shows a screen asking you to confirm the removal of your email from that specific X account.
  2. If you own the email and did NOT create the X account, click the large gray Opt-out button. Your email account will be disassociated from the X account, and you'll see a confirmation screen.

Note: If you remove your email from an account you didn't create, you can still use it later to create a X account of your own.

Need Help?

  • Did you click the "Not my account" link in error? Visit your account settings and add a new email address to your account. Please note: you’ll need to use a different email address.
  • If you have received more than one email asking you to confirm your email address for a X account that you did not register, please file a report with our support team.

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